GIULIO CASTAGNOLI (b.1958): 3 Poesie T'ang for Piano and Instrumental Group, Cloches en noir et blanc for Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet, Horn, Piano, Synthsizer and Percussion, Fioriture for Violin and 11 Instruments, Doppio Quintetto for String Quintet, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Guitar and Piano, Costellazioni for Guitar and 7 Instruments.

Catalogue Number: 08J116

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33572

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Somewhat derived (with acknowledgment) from the later compositional methods of Scelsi, Castagnoli's works typically emerge from a single note or sound which is then elaborated in texture and grows organically, increasing in complexity of texture and sonic detail (and sometimes obscured within 'noise' effects produced through extended techniques). Cloches en noir et blanc provides a good example of this approach; depicting bells through the passage of a day, the work exploits the limited pitch-range of a carillon through pitched percussion and synthesizer, while the harmonics of the note on which the piece is based - G -are elaborated by the ensemble to provide a variety of bell-like effects. I n order to work, this approach to composition implies slow moving, evolving textures, so velocity and virtuosity are necessarily lacking except in the form of occasional surface glitter and decoration. An attraction to the music and literature of the East is evident in whole-tone motifs that occasionally surface from the texture and the evocative sounds of bells, gongs and flutes. Divertimento Ensemble; Sandro Gorli. Original 2000 release (not offered by us).


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