CHARLES KÁLMÁN (b.1929): Fabian Melody and Clown Song from the film Fabian, 2 Songs and Ein Mann, ein Mann from the musical Rendezvous mit dem Leben, The Piano Lesson from Teenager Suite, Spring all the Year Round, Am Morgen danach, New York Impressions, Rich Man, Poor Man, Prom'nons nous, Je ne veux pas regarder l'heure, Hörst du der Liebe süsse Lieder?, Un! Deux!, When I Close My Eyes from the musical The Dryad's Kiss, Valse Berta from the film Rosenemil, 3 songs from the musical Babe in the Woods, Canzone d'amore, I'm Young, Marjorie-Walzer and medley from the operetta Wir reisen um die Welt, Ein Tag.

Catalogue Number: 08J104

Label: Operetta Archives

Reference: OA 1017

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: You'll remember this pianist from 05I102 where he performed a disc's worth of transcriptions and arrangements (some of them his own) of tunes written by Charles' father, Emmerich. At Charles' own request, Hassan did his own arrangements of everything on this disc. The sources are everything from an orchestral suite (Teenager Suite) to German films to operettas to musicals and will surely appeal to collectors of Kálmán père or buyers of Hassan's previous disc. Alex Hassan (piano).


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