ROBERTO SIERRA (b.1953): Clarinet Sonata, 5 Bocetos for Solo Clarinet, Tema y vriaciones for Clarinet and Piano, Ritmorroto for Solo Clarinet, 3 pensamientos for Bass Clarinet and Percussion, 3 Fantasías for Clarinet, Cello and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 08J089

Label: Fleur de Son

Reference: FDS 57978

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: These works demonstrate Sierra's lively sense of rhythm, as with the ensemble pieces on the other disc offered this month, frequently alluding to Caribbean popular and dance rhythms, though always integrated into a sophisticated language, not infrequently employing dodecaphony. Textures are necessarily less complex than in the larger ensemble pieces, and this makes more evident the frankly melodic elements, for example in the two 'song' movements of the Bocetos. The three brief pieces that actually include percussion evoke Sierra's origins the most clearly, with irregular, propulsive rhythms and an irresistible seductive dancing quality. The layering of different material is most apparent in the trio, though in Ritmorroto, the illusion of similar heterophonic polyphony is created by ingeniously dividing the solo instrument's material into 'parts' of widely contrasting character in dynamics and registers. Rick Faria (clarinets), Xak Bjerken (piano), Robert Bridge (percussion), Heidi Hoffman (cello).


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