BEDRICH SMETANA (1824-1884): The Two Widows.

Catalogue Number: 08J053

Label: Supraphon

Reference: SU 3926-2

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

Description: Coming after the weighty, historical operas Dalibor and Libuse, this (1874, here in its final version of 1877) was a return to the light, idyllic Bohemian countryside - the world of The Bartered Bride. Its tale of two young widows, one full of life, the other morbid, the young suitor who loves the latter and the means by which the two are united in love provides an opera glowing with the delight of the summer day on which the action takes place. An important historical document of mid-century Czech operatic interpretation from the finest singers the National Theatre had at the time and from a renowned Smetana conductor. Recorded in 1956. Mono. Czech-English libretto. Maria Tauberová, Drahomíra Tikalová (sopranos), Ivo Zídek (tenor), Eduard Haken (bass), Prague National Theatre Chorus and Orchestra; Jaroslav Krombholc.


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