FRIEDRICH ERNST FESCA (1789-1826): Symphony No. 1 in E Flat, Op. 6, Overtures in D, Op. 41 & in C, Op. 43, Overture from the opera Omar und Leila.

Catalogue Number: 08J044

Label: CPO

Reference: 999 889

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: It's been almost four years since the second and third symphonies were released in Sept. 2003 (09F028), the Third quite Beethovenian, the Second somewhat less so. The First, dating from around 1810-11, is rather Mozartian, its first movement being obviously based on the Symphony No. 39 in the same key. But Fesca uses Haydn's "filigree composition" technique - instrumental alternation within phrases and motifs - far more than anyone else was doing at the time. The late overtures (1825-6) were written as theatre entr'acte music but also probably for future use as stand-alone concert overtures and they sound rather like first movements of early Schubert symphonies. North German Radio Philharmonic; Frank Beermann.


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