LOUIS DE CAIX D'HERVELOIS (1680-1756): Pièces de Viole - , L'Italien from Livre III, La Tourterelle, La Florentine and Le Papillon from Livre II, Suite in E (Livre V), Suite in D (Livre II), 3 Pièces in G (Livres V, II, IV), 4 Pièces in D (Livres V, II), Suite in A (Livre IV).

Catalogue Number: 08J026

Label: Arion

Reference: ARN 68694

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: The last composer to write a work for bass viol, Hervelois is considered by scholars to represent the final, "degenerate" period of the genre. What does that mean? Virtuosity, striving for effect, brilliance and hypersensitivity. And what's wrong with that? Jay Bernfeld (basse de viole), Fuoco e Cenere.


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