Fresque Marine - Forgotten French Treasures for Harp. AUGUSTE CHAPUIS (1858-1933): Harpe Éolienne, Carillon, David devant l’Arche. HENRIETTE RENIÉ (1875-1956): Promenade Matinale - I. Au loin, dans la verdure, la mer calme et mysterieuse..., II. Dans la campagne ensoleillée, la rosée scintille.… HENRI BÜSSER (1872-1973): Impromptu sur des Airs Japonais, Ballade in A flat minor, Op. 65. MARCEL TOURNIER (1879-1951): Fresque Marine, Op. 46. JACQUES PILLOIS (1877-1935) transcr. Marcel Grandjàny (1891-1975): Deux pièces - I. À la manière de Lully (Gavotte), II. À la manière de Fauré (Romance sans paroles). ODETTE DE MONTESQUIOU (1908-2002): Prélude. MARCELLE SOULAGE (1894-1970): Petites pièces - I.Choral, II.Danse. MARCEL TOURNIER (1879-1951): Le Rouet Enchanté, Op. 44. ALEXANDER RIDER | ERARD HARP

Catalogue Number: 07Z025

Label: Willowhayne Records

Reference: WHR074

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: An abundance of brilliant French harpists at the dawn of the last century led to composers in that country being galvanised to write for the harp as a solo instrument. Works by Debussy, Fauré, Ravel and Pierné are still the staple repertoire of harpists, but there exists much more music unjustly neglected and, until now, almost forgotten. Fresque Marine brings this music once more into the light, using the intimate and rich tones of an original French Erard concert harp, such as the composers would have heard in their aural imagination. The recital features music by such well-known harpist composers as Renié and Tournier, but also celebrates less well-known composers, particularly pieces by female composers, all brought forth in a kaleidoscope of subtle colours. ALEXANDER RIDER | (ERARD HARP)


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