An Orgy of Piano Duets

ÉMILE PALADILHE (1844-1926): Petit Carillon, JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809): Il maestro e lo Scolare, CARL CZERNY (1791-1857): 2 Romanzen, Op. 111, MORITZ MOSZKOWSKI (1854-1925): Le maître et l’élève, Op. 96, EDOUARD LALO (1823-1892): La mère et l’enfant, Op. 32, LEO ORNSTEIN (1895-2002): Seeing Russia with Teacher, ENRIQUE GRANADOS (1867-1916): Cuentos de la juventud, Op. 1/1 (arr. Antony Gray), JEAN ROGER-DUCASSE (1873-1954): Études à 4 mains pour un commençant, Book 1, Nos. 2 & 3, ANDRÉ CAPLET (1878-1925): Un tas de petites choses dans tous les tons, Cahier 1, FLORENT SCHMITT (1870-1958): Une semaine du petit elfe Ferme-l’Oeil, Op. 58, Nos. 2 & 3, GUY ROPARTZ (1864-1955): Petites pièces pour piano à 4 mains pour Gaud, Nos. 1-3, RIMSKY-KORSAKOV/BORODIN/CUI/LYADOV/LISZT: Paraphrases (24 Variations et 15 petits pièces pour piano sur un thème favori et oblige, IGOR STRAVINSKY (1882-1971): 3 Easy Pieces, 5 Easy Pieces, PERCY GRAINGER (1882-1961): The Immovable Do, Zanzibar Boat Song, Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonny Noon, Bridge over the River Kwai March, BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ (1890-1959): Avec un doigt, JOHN CARMICHAEL (b.1930): Steps, MALCOLM WILLIAMSON (1931-2003): Travel Diaries, Set 3, MICHAEL BLAKE (b.1951): From the Stoep: Three Easy Pieces, FEDERICO MARIA SARDELLI (b.1963): Noch ein Wiegenlied, ERIK WINDRICH (b.1960): Jaggamuffin, JOE MCGRAIL (b.1992): 3 Jazz Duets.

Catalogue Number: 07X034

Label: Divine Art

Reference: dda 21234

Format: CD

Price: $25.98

Description: An album full of piano duets written expressly for teacher and student, from the first in the genre, Haydn’s Il Maestro e lo Scolare, through many well-known composers of the 19th and 20th centuries up to the current decade. Very few of these works have attained any sort of public awareness apart from Stravinsky’s Easy Pieces, but though written deliberately with one ‘easy’ part for the learner, the pieces are thoroughly delightful, tuneful and never simplistic. 2 CDs. Antony Gray and 47 of his students (piano).


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