A Swedish Smorgasbord of Orchestral Music

JOHAN AGRELL (1701-1765?): Sinfonia in F, Op. 1/6, HUGO ALFVÉN (1872-1960): Andante religioso from Revelation Cantata, Op. 31, LARS-ERIK LARSSON (1908-1986): 4 Vignettes from Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, Op. 18, ALBERT HENNEBERG (1901-1991): Overture to the Opera Bolla och Badin, SVEN-ERIC JOHANSON (1919-1997): Variations on a grouse lek of Värmland (Norrköping Symphony Orchestra; Sten Frykberg. Sterling LP rec. 1976), AUGUST SÖDERMAN (1832-1876): Swedish Festival, WILHELM PETERSON-BERGER (1867-1942): May Carnival in Stockholm, Florez and Blanzeflor, Autumn Song, ADOLF WIKLUND (1879-1950): Symphonic Prologue (Swedish-English texts. Erik Saedén [baritone], Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra; Björn Hallman. Sterling LP rec. 1980), RUBEN LILJEFORS (1871-1936): Sacrificial Procession from Frithiof and Ingeborg (Gävle Symphony Orchestra; Göran W Nilson. Sterling LP rec. 1981), SVEN SKÖLD (1899-1956): Summer (Västerås Symphony Orchestra; Harry Damgaard. Sterling LP rec. 1978), BO LINDE (1933-1970): Concerto (No. 1) for Piano and Strings, Op. 12 (Bo Linde [piano], Gävleborgs Orkesterförening; Gunnar Staern. rec. Live March 13, 1955 later released on Sterling LP), Prelude and Finale (Västerås SO; Damgaard. Sterling LP rec. 1977).

Catalogue Number: 07X005

Label: Sterling

Reference: CDS 1129/1130-2

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: A collection of Swedish orchestral recordings, originally released on LP and now transferred from vinyl to CD (presumably the original tapes were either lost or damaged). Many were premiere recordings at the time, including Peterson-Berger’s May Carnival in Stockholm, an exciting work celebrating the end of winter and the Stockholm Spring. Other highlights are Erik Saedéns wonderful singing of the Peterson-Berger ballads, the brooding Romanticism of Wiklund’s Symphonic Prologue, and the timeless melodies of Lars-Erik Larsson long appreciated by Swedish audiences. Alfvén’s short piece, part of a cantata, was said to be the composer’s own favorite composition. 2 CDs.


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