New Music from Canada

ROSE BOLTON (b.1971): The Coming of Sobs, SCOTT GODIN (b.1970): all this is solid melts into the air, MICHAEL OESTERLE (b.1968): Daydream Mechanics.

Catalogue Number: 07V061

Label: New Focus Recordings

Reference: FCR226

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Canadian 'new simplicity'. "In the mid-1990s a community of composers and performers came together at Montreal’s McGill University ... This group included many of today’s leading Canadian composers such as Rose Bolton, Paul Frehner, Nicole Lizée, Scott Godin, and Brian Current ... It was a transitional generation: the composers were moving away from avant-gardism and re-embracing popular forms, looking away from academia ..." These works, from the 2000s, continue this tradition. Bolton was consciously moving toward intense emotional expression and away from systems and theory in her music when she wrote The Coming of Sobs. She took Verklärte Nacht and Tchaikovsky's 6th, neither of which it particularly resembles save for a certain mystery and darkness of mood, as models. The music is tonal and straightforward of texture and form, and conjures a potent sense of atmosphere; the middle movement is a passacaglia, marked 'bleak', which it certainly is. The Godin is 'about' the idea of 'modernity', apparently, and its three movements are associated with figures who were in their own time associated with the concept. The first movement is an extended cello solo, the second is contrastingly more complex of texture, and the third, which has something to do with functional architecture and city planning is all clear lines and spare textures. Oesterle's Daydream Mechanics consists of repetitive, mechanistic, simple, tonal non-evolving cells which supersede each other, usually after a sudden brief, discordant spasm, in a different take on the idea of minimalism. Music in the Barns.


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