ALAN RAWSTHORNE (1905-1971): String Quartet in B Minor, Chamber Cantata for Mezzo-Soprano, Harpsichord and String Quartet, Practical Cats (arr. reciter & piano Peter Dickinson [b.1934]), HALSEY STEVENS (1908-1989): Sonatina Piacevole for Recorder and Harpsichord, BASIL DEANE (1928-2006)/RAYMOND WARREN (b.1928): The Rose Tree for Mezzo-Soprano, Recorder and Cello, RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (1872-1958): The Willow Whistle for Mezzo-Soprano and Bamboo Pipe, KAREL JANOVICKÝ (b.1930): The Little Linden Pipe for Solo Recorder, DONALD WAXMAN (b.1925): Serenade and Caprice for Recorder and Harpsichord, ARTHUR BLISS (1891-1975): The Buckle for Mezzo-Soprano and String Quartet, MALCOLM LIPKIN (1932-2017): The Journey for Solo Recorder, DAVID ELLIS (b.1933): Mount St. Blues for Recorder and String Quartet. (All World Premiere Recordings except Vaughan Williams.)

Catalogue Number: 07U053

Label: Divine Art

Reference: dda 25169

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: In one sense this is a sequel to the recent release ‘A Garland for John McCabe’ (03T081)– originally intended as a 2nd album in that set, but it grew to be a full album in its own right. Now, it is released as a further tribute to McCabe, and features first recordings of works by McCabe’s fellow composers, all (except one very short track) recorded for the first time, including principally music by Alan Rawsthorne – the early (1932 or 1933) and jolly string quartet in B minor, the Chamber Cantata (1939 and setting medieval English poetry), and the piano version of the remarkable Practical Cats. Chamber Cantata texts included. Clare Wilkinson (mezzo), Mark Rowlinson (reciter), John Turner (recorder, bamboo pipe), Harvey Davies (harpsichord), Peter Lawson (piano), Solem String Quartet.


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