FRANCO MARGOLA (1908-1992): Complete Piano Works - 4 sonatine, Sonatine, Op. 26, 6 Sonatine facili, Sonatas Nos. 1-5, 14 pezzi sciolti, 3 pezzi, 15 pezzi facili, Altri 15 pezzi facili, 9 pezzi sciolti, 2 Preludi, Mosaico, 5 pezzi sciolti.

Catalogue Number: 07U051

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC901380

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: We’ve had several discs of Margola’s attractive neo-classical orchestral and chamber music so we know generally what to expect here. These are short pieces, the five sonatas being the largest at 10-15 minutes each. Much of it is didactic and Domenico Scarlatti is an often-present reference point as Margola combines tradition with 20th century modes of expression - Stravinsky is one example but there are little nods to Impressionism and, in three little Pezzi, a bit of the Second Viennese School which is so freely adapted as to be tonal. Detailed (and well-translated) notes help the layman get the most satisfaction out of Margola’s ongoing dialogue between past and present. 3 CDs. Alessandro Deljavan (piano).


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