PIETRO ALESSANDRO YON (1886-1943): Complete Organ Works - Cristo Trionfante, Christmas is Sicily, Gesù Bambino, Rimembranza, Elan du cœur, Minuetto antico e Musetta, Christmas in Settimo Vittone, Eco, Arpa notturna, Trio all’ottava, Cornamusa siciliana, Hymn of Glory (organ of Como Cathedral), Sonata Romantica, Pastorale Sorrentina, Concerto Gregoriano (organ of Chiesa Natività B.V. Maria, Trebaseleghe), Rapsodia italiana, Pastorale (IV Sonata), Humoresque “l’organo prmitivo”, Elegia, Avvento - Primera suita religiosa, Marche-Pastorale, Speranza, Canto elegiaco, American Rhapsody (organ of Cuneo Cathedral), Preludio-Pastorale “Dies est laetitiae”, Sonata Prima, Toccata, Concert Study, La Concertina, Second Concert Study, Sonata Cromatica (organ of Chiesa della SS. Annunziata, Bologna).

Catalogue Number: 07U048

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 882370

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: Yon’s most prominent teacher in Italy was Fumagalli but, from 1907 on, his career was spent as organist in New York City at St Francis Xavier Church and then, from 1926, at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Yon played on the largest organs of the day and his works demand symphonic instruments for their full effect; he is generally credited with popularizing the public organ recital and his pedal virtuosity was astonishing. The main characteristics of his compositions, not all of which occur in any single piece, are: virtuosity as a means to make contact with the audience, a cantabile quality and the use of Gregorian themes in liturgical pieces. If you love big organs and richly scored conservative music, this set is a must-have and a major bargain. 4 CDs. Elisa Teglia (organs).


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