FLORENCE PRICE (1887-1953): Fantasie Negre, CLARA GOTTSCHALK-PETERSON (1837-?): Staccata Polka, MARY HOWE (1882-1964): Berceuse, HARRIET WARE (1877-1962): The White Moth, VIRGINIA ROPER (1873-1945): In Venezia, JULIA NIEBERGALL (1886-1972): Hoosier Rag, MAY AUFDERHEIDE (1888-1972): Dusty, a Rag, GENA BRANSCOMBE (1881-1977): The Squirrel’s Party, FRANCIS MARION RALSTON (1875-1952): 3 Little Waltzes, ETHEL HIER (1889-1971): Pavillon Nocturne (Bruges), Dragon-flies, Op. 10, AMY BEACH (1867-1944): A Hermit Thrush at Eve, Op. 92/1, A Hermit Thrush at Morn, Op. 92/2, DANA SUESSE (1909-1987): Afternoon of a Black Faun, ULRIC COLE (1905-1992): Purple Shadows, Above the Clouds, Metropolitones, MANA-ZUCCA (1885-1981): Prelude, Etude d’Hommage.

Catalogue Number: 07U045

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3631

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Half of these women attended a landmark Festival of Women Composers in Washington DC in 1925. The other seven are lesser-known and unknown contemporaries who have been researched for this 80-minute recital of character pieces, rags, theme-and-variations, dances and - from Hier and Manna-Zucca (and Beach of course) - concert-quality pieces. Short bios on each composer make you want to hear more; some of them had orchestral works performed too! Joanna Goldstein (piano).  


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