JĀNIS IVANOVS (1906-1983): Piano Concerto, Symphonies No. 14 “Sinfonia da camera” and No. 20.

Catalogue Number: 07U009

Label: LMIC/Skani

Reference: LMIC 035

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: The surprise is the 1971 No. 14, a recording from that very year: a 22-minute work in three movements which is almost the “anti-Ivanovs”, lyrical, relaxed, barely a trace of his charateristic dark intensity and, as far as I can tell, the only recording of it on disc. The recording of the turbulent, striving Romantic concerto of 1959 is the same 1977 recording that once appeared on the defunct Campion Cameo label whie Ivanovs’ last completed symphony of 1981, a melancholic, sometimes desperate work whose author is plainly not going quietly into that good night (a few sad, nostalgic reflections temper the anguish) is a 1982 radio recording which you can now compare with both the above version and with the 1997 Marco Polo recording. The notes, in a bound book, have 20 (count’em, 20!) pages of notes in decent English on the composer’s life and works. Igor Zhukov (piano), Latvian National Symphony Orchestra; Vasily Sinaisky, Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra; Tovijs Lifšics (Sym. No. 14).


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