CHEN YI (b.1953): Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds (Carter Enyeart [cello]), Woodwind Quintet, Feng for Woodwind Quintet, Tu for Wind Ensemble, KC Capriccio for Wind Ensemble and Mixed Chorus (Lubbock Chorale members).

Catalogue Number: 07R063

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572838

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Chinese-American composer Chen has developed a personal idiom in which Chinese folksong and traditional instruments that she encountered during years away from Western influence during the Cultural Revolution are emulated by means of the Western techniques she studied after her move to the U.S. These works are typical of her style, the cello bending pitches and playing pentatonic melodies in the suite, while the ensemble imitates the sounds of Chinese percussion and bamboo pipes and flutes. The brief first quintet was inspired by a location in southeastern China, with pitch bending and evocations of distant Buddhist chanting and folk instruments, while Feng, a Chinese character associated with the winds, is in the very western forms of Introduction, with ostinato figuration, and Rondo, with melodic lines that are clearly of the East. Tu, a Chinese character suggesting burning, poison or fire, is an intense protest against the events of 9/11 - one of several such works from the composer's pen - in episodes of furious rhythmic drumming and stabbing chords underpinned by a sinister drone, and shocked, static Eastern stasis and lamenting calm. KC Capriccio is an exuberant occasional piece based on a folk tune and the 'wild singing' of the Asian folk choral tradition. Texas Tech University Wind Ensemble; Sarah McKoin.


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