VÁCLAV JAN KRTITEL TOMÁSEK (1774-1850): Mailied, Op. 53/3, Schåfers Klagelied, Op. 56/1, Rastlose Liebe, Op. 58/1, Die Nacht, Op. 55/5, Auf dem See, Op. 57/3, An die Entfernte, Op. 55/1, Wandrers Nachtlied, Op. 58/4, Erlkönig, Op. 59/1, Heidenröslein, Op. 53/1, Das Geheimnis, Op. 58/3, Die Spröde, Op. 53/2, Die Bekehrte, Op. 54/3, Sorge, Op. 57/4, Am Flusse, Op. 55/3, Die Spinnerin, Op. 55/2, 7 böhmische Lieder, Op. 71, Des Greises Trauerlied, Op. 69/1, Das Lied, Op, 37/2, Lied eines Alpenmädchens, Op. 96/3, Ständchen, Op. 107/3, 3 Gesänge, Op. 92.

Catalogue Number: 07R025

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 67966

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: I don’t know how many Tomásek lieder discs you have in your collection but this is my fourth - two sopranos (Multisonic and Paladino Music) and a baritone (Ars Musici) so the mezzo here is new to the catalogue in voice-type. And since Tomásek’s friendship with Goethe is widely known, the latter’s poetry (41 of the composer’s 62 songs) tend to predominate. So I’ll leave it up to you while pointing out that, since this is a Hyperion edition, the notes and the translations are the best you’ll find and it’s also interesting to be able to compare the Reichardt Goethe settings just above (07R022) with those of a composer one generation later. The richness and color in the piano parts of Tomásek immediately scream “Romanticism” and point toward Schubert. German-English texts. Renata Pokupic (mezzo), Roger Vignoles (piano).


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