PIETRO NARDINI (1722-1793): Violin Concerto in G, Op. 1/2, CRISTIANO GIUSEPPE LIDARTI (1730-1795): Violin Concerto in C, MADDALENA LOMBARDINI SIRMEN (1745-1818): Violin Concerto in A, Op. 3/3, CARLO ALESSIO RAZETTI (fl. beginning 18th cen.): Violin Concerto in F Minor, ANTONIO MARIA MONTANARI (1676-1737): Concerto grosso in A.

Catalogue Number: 07Q028

Label: Early-music.com

Reference: EMCCD-7776

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: "Hidden Treasures of Italy" is the title of this disc of pre- and early Classical violin concertos. Only the Lidarti is otherwise available on disc; Razetti and Montanari derive from the schools respectively of Vivaldi and Corelli while the others are all of the two generations which assimilated various Italian and other influences into what would become the Classical style. Arion; Stefano Montanari (violin).


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