JOSEPH CALLAERTS (1838-1901): Organ Concerto in F Minor, Op. 18, JOSEPH JONGEN (1873-1953): Symphonie Concertante for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 81.

Catalogue Number: 07Q004

Label: Royal Flemish Philharmonic

Reference: RFP 008

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Callaerts was a student of Lemmens, one of the founders of the "Belgian Organ School" and his concerto, unlike the better-known Jongen which has the organ always present, sometimes accompanying, sometimes as soloist, is a traditional virtuoso concerto in the tradition of Liszt, with all of the excitement and color that implies. Peter van de Velde (Schyven organ of the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp), Royal Flemish Philharmonic; Peter Biloen.


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