TONU KORVITS (b.1969): Kreek's Notebook for Choir and Orchestra, The night is darkening round me for Chorus, ARTURS MASKATS (b.1957): Lacrimosa for Choir and Orchestra, Prayer to the night for Chorus, PETERIS PLAKIDIS (b.1947): In memoriam and Mirage for Chorus.

Catalogue Number: 07P084

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 67968

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Another entry in the apparently inexhaustible canon of first-rate, intriguingly varied, thoroughly approachable choral music that has been steadily emerging from the Baltic states since the late 20th century. The eight movements of the Korvits are actually elaborations of traditional Estonian folk hymns collected and arranged by Cyrillus Kreek. These already elaborately ornamented melodies with their unexpected, sometimes disconcertingly alien modal and chromatic diversions are further enriched with sensitive, atmospheric string accompaniments and a wealth of contrapuntal detail and sumptuous, if often unpredictable, harmonies. Maskats' Lacrimosa was written in memory of the victims of the 'Estonia' ferry disaster of 1994. An unrelentingly dark work, it alternates between eerily beautiful elegiac lament and turbulent drama, in an intense chromatic neo-romantic idiom. Plakidis works are quite reminiscent of his contemporary, Vasks, with soaring arches of choral counterpoint, meditative and uplifting, and inflections of Latvian folk music. Estonian, Latvian-English texts. Choir of Royal Holloway, Britten Sinfonia; Rupert Gough.


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