ENNIO MORRICONE (b.1928): V Studio (Catalogo) for Piano, Come un'onda for Bass Clarinet, Riflessi for Solo Cello, Vivo for String Trio, A L.P. 1928 for String Quartet, Metamorfosi di Violetta for Clarinet and String Quartet, Ipotesi for Clarinet and Piano, ANDREA MORRICONE (b.1964): Traccia for Clarinet and Piano, ENNIO & ANDREA MORRICONE: Lemma for 2 Clarinets and 2 Pianos.

Catalogue Number: 07P064

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33786

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: It's something of a truism that when movie composers write 'serious' music they tend to avoid the tonal, neo-romantic end of the spectrum in favour of thornily modernist idioms that sound nothing like their output for film. Never has this been more true than in Morricone's case. His concert works wholeheartedly embrace a thorough commitment to Darmstadt-style modernism and experimentation. A good case in point; Lemma, an experimental work of which, judging by the notes, he is very proud. He wrote the piano part of Ipotesi, while his son Andrea wrote the clarinet part independently and without consultation, according to certain pre-determined parameters. For Traccia, the roles were reversed. Lemma is the simultaneous performance of the two works (here accomplished by manipulating the individual works' recordings). The individual cells of the works, with much repeating or related material, fit together in a strangely convincing, if thoroughly atonal complex counterpoint. The other works are similarly searching, exploratory essays, following no particular school or philosophy. The piano work runs the gamut from sonorous clusters, gestures and chords to Busonian harmonic ambiguity (strong echoes of the Toccata) to studies in canonic precision. The cello pieces explore limited, evolving pitch sets in arpeggiated or chordal formations, with expressive passion and technical bravura. The kind of related but seldom literally repeated cells that make up Lemma also characterise the textures of the lively string ensemble works and the introspective, ethereal Metamorphosi. Rocco Parisi (clarinets), Andrea Noferini (cello), Gabriele Rota (piano), Quartetto Noferini.


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