ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741): * = World Premiere Recordings Concertos for 2 Violins, Strings and Continuo in D, RV 513, in B Flat, RV 526, in A, RV 520, in B Flat, RV 764*, in A, RV 521, in B Flat, RV 528* and in F, RV 765*.

Catalogue Number: 07O020

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 672253

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Na├»ve's Vivaldi Edition doesn't have a monopoly on World Premiere Recordings! Of these seven double violin concertos here, three are First Recordings (see asterisks above). All survived in problematic non-autograph sources or incomplete autograph sources; four are performed from critical editions, two reconstructed by the writer of the booklet note and one in an edition by Michael Talbot (you'll have seen his name in the Vivaldi Edition documentation) and Paul Everett. Angelo Cicillini, Luca Venturi (violins), "L'Orfeo Ensemble" di Spoleto; Fabrizio Ammetto.


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