MARCO ENRICO BOSSI (1861-1925): Complete Organ Works, Vol. 5 - Sonata No. 1, Op. 60, Sonata No. 2, Op. 71, Sonata No. 3 (fragment), Scherzi in F, Op. 49/1 and in G Minor, Op. 49/2, Impromptu à la Chopin, Op. 49/3, Inno Trionfale, Op. 53, Tema e variazioni, Op. 115.

Catalogue Number: 07N063

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 862715

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Most of fhese works are early, dating from the 1884 Scherzo, Op. 49/1 to the Variations of 1898. The two sonatas are big, muscular works in the Germanic tradition (the second, at the time, was thought unplayable except by Bossi himself) while the Variations showcase the composer's kaleidoscopic sense of organ color. The 12-bar fragment of the Third Sonata lasts just 40 seconds. Andrea Macinanti (Carlo Vegezzi Bossi organ of Santa Maria Assunta, Aosta, Italy).


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