MARK O'CONNOR (b.1961): Americana Symphony "Variations on Appalachia Waltz" (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; Marin Alsop), Concerto No. 6 for Violin and Orchestra "Old Brass" (Mark O'Connor [violin], Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra; Joel Smirnoff).

Catalogue Number: 07L103

Label: OMAC Records

Reference: 12

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: O'Connor's music is a nice example of how well genre-crossing music can work when it remains completely true to its roots and is carried over into alternative territory with consummate skill. O'Connor is one of the world's leading jazz and folk-fiddlers; the 2006 symphony is a six-movement, 33-minute set of variations on a waltz he also recorded on this label (09K101). The 35-minute concerto (2003) was inspired by a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's South Carolina plantation "Auld Brass", a Southern term referring to a person of African-American and Native American heritage.


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