DAVID LAMPEL (b.1959): String Quartet (Parisii Quartet), String Sextet (Uppsala Chamber Soloists), Violin Sonata (Régis Pasquier [violin], Emmanuel Strosser [piano]), Piano Sonata (Sébastien Risler), Prelude and Chaconne "Homage to Bach" for Cello (Henri Demarquette).

Catalogue Number: 07L101

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572106

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: These chamber works, in an accessible but by no means simplistic modern idiom, pay homage to classical and romantic models in a chromatic tonal idiom and structural forms derived from tradition. The quartet and sextet evoke pre-atonal Schoenberg (the Sextet explicitly so), while the harmonically romantic, neoclassically organised piano sonata (alluding to variation, sonata and rondo forms) is succinct and economical in expression. The violin sonata is claimed to be atonal, but is harmonically rich in the manner of Bartók or late Enescu; the Prelude and Chaconne is explicitly modeled on the Bach suites, in a more modern harmonic language.


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