FLORENT SCHMITT (1870-1958): Works for Piano Four Hands: Une semaine du petit elfe Ferme-l'œil, Feuillets de voyage, Reflets d'Allemagne.

Catalogue Number: 07L064

Label: Timpani

Reference: 1C1159

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

No Longer Available

Description: Many of Schmitt's piano works were later orchestrated and vice versa; he wrote much orchestral piano music and these suites of dances and character pieces sound like piano reductions of orchestral originals - even though they're not (Une semaine and Reflets were later orchestrated). The latter is a sensitively colored sequence of a child's dreams (brought by the elf of the title, "Shut-Eye"); Feuillets is rather Schumannian in its ten delicate, nostalgic album leaves and Reflets is a stylistically widely variegated set of eight waltzes you'll hope for an orchestral recording of. Christian Ivaldi & Jean-Claude Pennetier (piano).


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