ALFREDO KEIL (1850-1907): Piano Pieces: Beauté, Op. 15, Chimère, Op. 12/8, Jeunesse, Op. 9/4, Murmures, Op. 9/2, Autrefois, Op. 9/7, Fado, Op. 75, Souvenance, Op. 12/2, Poursuite, Op. 12/3, Serments d'amour, Op. 12/4, Songs: Cantiga do cego, Op. 101, Promessas, Op. 102, Sacrilégio, Op. 103, L'abime, Ressemblance, Les voici, Lilia, Ici bas, Adieu.

Catalogue Number: 07L056

Label: Portugalsom

Reference: PS 5003

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

No Longer Available

Description: Keil was perhaps more famous in his native Portugal as a painter than as a composer although he did produce four operas, a cantata and a couple of symphonic poems in addition to the many songs and piano pieces of a refined salon style. It is these latter from which the program of this 1999 recording is selected. Portuguese/French texts. Ana Ferraz (soprano), Gabriela Canavilhas (piano)


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