JUSTIN HEINRICH KNECHT (1752-1817): Die Aeolsharfe.

Catalogue Number: 07L042

Label: Carus

Reference: 83.220

Format: CD

Price: $53.98

Description: A composer and pedagogue, Knecht spent most of his career at the small court of Biberach near Stuttgart. This opera (World Premiere Recording of a concert version which cuts the original 3 hours and 45 minutes down to a more manageable two-and-a-half) dates from 1807 and, although plainly influenced by Mozart - especially Die Entf├╝hrung and Die Zauberfl├Âte (there are Turkish bad guys and a good-guy seer who creates an otherworldly Aeolean harp which has Masonic echoes) - Knecht had nearly a dozen successful stage works under his belt by this time and is plainly a talented professional who has assimilated his influences and produced a dramatic work of great attractiveness. 3 CDs. German libretto. Christina Landshamer, Andrea Lauren Brown (sopranos), Mark Adler (tenor), Patrick Pobeschin (baritone), Stuttgart Chamber Choir, Stuttgart Hofkapelle; Frieder Bernius.


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