JAMES HOOK (1746-1827): Concerto in D, Op. 1/5, PHILIP HAYES (1738-1797): Piano Concerto No. 4 in A, JAMES NARES (1715-1783): Concerto/Sonata in G, Op. 2, THOMAS CHILCOT (c.1700-1766): Concerto in A, Op. 2/2, THOMAS ROSEINGRAVE (1688-1766): Organ Concerto in D, GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759): Chaconne in G, Organ Concerto movement in D Minor.

Catalogue Number: 07L038

Label: Helios

Reference: CDH 55341

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: First released 15 years ago, this was designed to be a brief history of the British keyboard concerto, from Handel's original version of the later-famous harpsichord chaconne to the Hayes (1769) and Hook (1771), which specify the piano (Hook's is inspired by J.C. Bach's piano concertos of 1763 and 1770). The Parley of Instruments; Paul Nicholson (keyboards). Original 1994 Hyperion release.


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