DOMÈNEC TERRADELLAS (1713-1751): Overtures and Arias from the Operas Sesostri, re d'Egitto, Merope and Artaserse, Cantata Qué tragico espectáculo.

Catalogue Number: 07L031

Label: Fuga Libera

Reference: FUG551

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Although you may not have heard of him, this Catalan composer was considered by his contemporaries as a cutting-edge artist, on a par with Hasse, Jommelli and Pergolesi. His early death and his being considered Italian by his countrymen and Spanish by the country of his residence led to yet another innovator slipping into obsucurity. Highlights here, a full meal below! Italian-English texts. Maria Grazia Schiavo (soprano), Dolce & Tempesta; Stefano Demicheli.


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