EDWARD JOSEPH COLLINS (1886-1951): Volume 8 - Piano Trio "Geronimo", Op. 1 (Sussmann/ Alberts/Polonsky Trio), Soprano and Piano: Again the Year Has Come to the Spring, June Night (Patrice Michaels [soprano], Anna Polonsky [piano]), Solo Piano: Nocturne, Etude, 4 Waltzes, Op. 15, Valses Caractéristiques, Op. 18, Nos. 2 & 6, Frédéric François, Joshua Fit de Battle ob Jerico, The 5:48.

Catalogue Number: 07L008

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1086

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: After several years comes the penultimate volume in this revealing cycle. John von Rhein of the Chicago Tribune puts it well: "I'd call Collins a kind of Midwest Ralph Vaughan Williams - close to his folk heritage (Irish-American in his cas), an exemplar of romantic, tonal tradition, keenly lyrical in manner." From the early piano trio to the aria from his only opera (1939), everything here bears out this description. Jeffrey Sykes, Anna Polonsky (piano).


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