HENRI VIEUXTEMPS (1820-1881): Violin Sonata in D, Op. 12, 3 Romances sans paroles, Op. 7, RĂªverie, Op. 22/3, Romance and Regrets, Op. 40, Nos. 1 & 2, Tarantelle, Op. 22/5.

Catalogue Number: 06W028

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 96170

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: The huge, four-movement, 43-minute sonata from 1843 is otherwise not available on disc. Undeservedly neglected, it has a scherzo which is a fine example of the unpretentious charm and grace which Vieuxtemps cultivated in his music, while the following Largo opens out from its hymn-like theme towards a climax of quasi-religious intensity and radiance. There is a notable absence of conventionally violinistic fireworks to the finale, the watchwords being charm and unpretentiousness. Carmelo Andriani (violin), Pierluigi Camicia (piano).


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