The Romantic Piano Concerto - 83

JERZY GABLENZ (1888-1937): Piano Concerto in D Flat, Op. 28, IGNACY JAN PADEREWSKI (1860-1941): Fantasie polonaise sur des thèmes originaux.

Catalogue Number: 06W002

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA68323

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: From the often amusing notes to this release we learn that Gablenz, born in Kraków, was particularly notable for two things - his inability to finish or finish orchestrating several large-scale works, and the fact that he needed to manage a factory that made mustard, vinegar and pickles, which constantly used up time he-d rather have spent composing. Pianist Plowright also notes that, being a flute-player and not a pianist, Gablenz wrote some terribly difficult music for most people to play unless they owned Rachmaninov-sized hands. Dating from 1926 and lasting just under 45 minutes, the work is notable for its frequent changes of mood and tempo and its conservative, Romantic style with echoes of Chopin’s first Ballade appearing in all three movements and direct quotes from it in the finale. After reading about the odd career of its composer, it somehow comes as no surprise that it did not receive its first performance until 1977 and that that was in the Dominican Republic where one of Gablenz’s sons had made his home. Jonathan Plowright (piano), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; Łukasz Borowicz.


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