AHMET ADNAN SAYGUN (1907-1991): Partita for Solo Violin, Op. 36 (First Recording), ONUR TÜRKMEN (b.1972): Beautiful and Unowned, MAHIR CETIZ (b.1977): Soliloquy.

Catalogue Number: 06U056

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.579043

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: Ellen Jewett’s explorations of Turkey’s musical traditions led to her discovery of Saygun’s Partita, a dense and expressive sister to Bartók’s solo sonata that weaves a beautiful tapestry of colors by combining a rich Romanticism with traditional folk elements. Onur Türkmen’s Beautiful and Unowned is inspired by the unique dreamlike atmosphere of Cappadocia, while Mahir Cetiz’s Soliloquy is a monologue that ranges from cries to whispers. Both of these recent works were commissioned by Jewett, and the entire program was recorded in the unique acoustics of a hand-carved Cappadocian cavern. Ellen Jewett (violin).


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