KLAUS WÜSTHOFF (b.1922): Die Scheide for Orchestra, Die Regentrude for Narrator and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 06T052

Label: Klanglogo

Reference: KL1525

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Wüsthoff has had a long career as composer of both 'classical' and light, even 'popular' music. He has also been a conductor, pianist and radio presenter. He studied with several heavyweights (Koczalski and Blacher, among others), but developed an early love of jazz. He has also been a passionate advocate for the environment and the awareness of climate change, long before it was fashionable. These two works are thoroughly Romantic in style, and a great deal of the music could have been written in the 19th century, though from time to time the composer drops in the odd phrase to remind the listener that he writes like that because he wants to, not because he can't do anything else. "Rain Trude" is an extended orchestral suite illuminating the eponymous fairy tale by the 19th century author Theodor Storm, which tells the story of a rain goddess who fell asleep because nobody paid any attention to her any more, with disastrous consequences, which the composer sees as a parable of modern-day environmental concerns. The short, picturesque movements alternate with the narration of the story. "The Scheldt" is a portrait of that river and its environs in a suite comprising an Overture, Nocturne, and Rondo-Finale, depicting "Journey along the Western Scheldt”, "At anchor in the moonlight”, and "Antwerp”. No texts. Martina Gedeck (narrator), Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt; Ulrich Kern.


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