JAMES KALLEMBACH (b.19??): Passion for Voices, String Quartet and Tingsha Bells.

Catalogue Number: 06R078

Label: Roven Records

Reference: RR53316

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: An original and compelling approach to the Passion story. The Biblical account and its implications are represented in three distinct ways. The events from Jesus' arrest to the Crucifixion are presented in sequence in oratorio style, the words of Christ standing out by being sung by an ensemble of voices in beautiful polyphony. The burial scene is divided into four sections punctuating the work like a refrain; here the language is austere, a capella, chant-like, lent a solemn sense of ritual by an underlying drone and Sanctus bells (actually Tibetan prayer bells). The third aspect of the work consists of classic texts exploring the nature of humanity's relationship with evil, by Shakespeare, William Blake and Dante. These are sung in a more chromatic, neo-romantic idiom, applying an appropriately dark undercurrent to the narrative. Texts included. Kaitlin Foley (soprano), Clara Osowski (mezzo), Matthew Dean (tenor), Andrew Schultze (bass), instrumentalists, The Decani; James Kallembach.


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