JUOZAS GRUODIS (1884-1948): Violin Sonata, Piano Sonata No. 2, 4 Pieces for Violin and Piano, 7 Songs arr. violin/piano.

Catalogue Number: 06Q062

Label: Discovery Music and Vision

Reference: DMV113

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This Lithuanian composer, holder of various "firsts to..." accomplishments in his country, was a late starter, not graduating from the Moscow Conservatory until 1920 and then going to Leipzig for further studies. This is probably why we hear late Romanticism only in the first movement of his 1921 piano sonata and why the following year's violin sonata has no real Romantic stylistics. Lithuanian folk songs are used in both works but Gruodis is harmonically pretty up to date with pan-European usage, meaning that you're not going to find a Lithuanian Dvorák here. But there is plenty more Lithuanian folk music in his 4 Pieces (his own transcriptions of pieces of orchestral works) and, of course in the song-transcriptions made by the artists here recording them. Christopher Horner (violin), John Lenehan (piano).


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