MARCUS BLUNT (b.1947): The Life Force (Sonata No. 3), 7 Preludes, Iona Prelude, Iona Caprice, Sonata No. 2, 3 Nocturnes, Sonata No. 1, 3 Fantasies, Prelude on a fugue theme by J.S. Bach.

Catalogue Number: 06P083

Label: Divine Art

Reference: ddv 24148

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Only the very earliest pieces - the first few Preludes - are in a rather austere contrapuntal idiom. Thereafter, the composer's fascination with Scriabin, especially his later style, is very evident. This kind of harmonic thinking, based on tonally ambiguous chords built up of diminishing intervals, is central to all the works from the dark-hued and uneasy second sonata (1977) onward, with the First being a somewhat transitional work, with a sense of tonal centers underlying a very chromatic, linear style. The Third, a much more buoyant, optimistic work, is very reminiscent of late Scriabin indeed. Blunt is a superb miniaturist, adeptmat capturing a mood or atmosphere in very concise forms, as in the Scotland-inspired Iona pieces, the relaxed and warm Malta Nocturne, or the various ingeniously constructed pieces based on 'musical monograms'. Murray McLachlan (piano). 2006 Dunelm release.


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