Music from Armenia for Cello and Piano

HARO STEPANIAN (1897-1966): Sonata, Op. 35, ALEXANDER ARUTIUNIAN (1920-2012): Impromptu, ARNO BABADJANIAN (1921-1983): Vocalise (arr. Geronty Talalyan [1926-2000]), KOMITAS (1869-1935): Groung (arr. Sergei Aslamazian [1897-1978]), Karoun A (arr. Robert Andreasian [1913-1986])/Talalyan), Keler Tsoler, Chinar Es, Shoushigi, Kele Kele, Yerginkn Ambel A, Shogher Jan (arr. Aslamazian/Talalyan), Dzirani Dzar, Akh Maral Jan (arr. Talalyan).

Catalogue Number: 06P061

Label: Divine Art

Reference: dda 25075

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: If you're interested in authentic Armenian folk music, you're in the right place since half of the 57 minutes on this disc are cello/piano transcriptions of songs collected by the founder of Armenian musicology, Komitas. The main rarity is the 22-minute sonata from 1943 by Stepanian who, trained in Moscow like most Armenian composers of his age, makes use of elements of his native country's folk music, weaving them into a Russian Romantic language. Heather Tuach (cello), Patil Harboyan (piano).


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