ANATOLY ALEXANDROV (1888-1982): 6 Preludes, Op. 1, Poem, Op. 9, Amethysts, Op. 16a/1, 5 Visions, Op. 21, 3 Pieces, Op. 27, Luttle Suite, Op. 33, from 8 Pieces on Songs of Soviet Peoples: Kirghiz Instrumental Melody and Kirghiz Piece, from Bashkirian Melodies, Op. 73: Andante molto espressivo, Storm on the Kuray and Zulkhiza, from 4 Pieces, Op. 75: Prelude and Melody.

Catalogue Number: 06P059

Label: AR-RE-SE

Reference: AR2013-1

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: More examples of the wide-ranging music of this neglected Soviet composer. Alexandrov lived long enough to have long stylistic periods in three areas: late Romanticism (example here: the Op. 1 Preludes of 1907-10), the heady avant-garde, late Scriabinesque period from the teens through the late 20s (Poem, Amethysts, Visions and the Op. 27 Pieces) and the long years of Socialist Realism (everything else). He wrote 14 piano sonatas... ??? FĂ©rirel Kaddour (piano).


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