EDITH CANAT DE CHIZY (b.1950): Times (BBC Symphony Orchestra; Kazuki Yamada), La Ligne d'ombre (Orchestre de Besançon Montbéliard Franche-Comté; Peter Csaba), Yell (Nouvel Orchestra Philharmonique; Michiyoshi Inoue), Alio (Orchestre Poitou-Charentes; Csaba), Omen (Orchestre National de France; Alain Altinoglu).

Catalogue Number: 06M091

Label: Aeon

Reference: AECD 1105

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Images of time and the sea constantly recur in the music of Edith Canat de Chizy. The first is especially important in Times, which explores various aspects of time through the layering of rhythmically diverse materials in a complex web of ostinato progression, glacial immobility and fluctuating interactions between elements. "The Shadow Line" depicts the absolute calm before a storm at sea, inspired by a Conrad novella. Here, the immobility of a vast body of water is mirrored in the suspension of time at the outset, with accelerating and accumulating material evoking the oncoming storm. Yell was the composer's first work for orchestra, inspired by her interest at the time in electro-acoustic music, which is emulated in the treatment of the instruments. Some aleatoric freedom is given to the individual parts, and the result is less monumental, more fragmented than the later works, though displaying unmistakable signs of the composer's trademark timbral variety, always in flux. In Alio, she was exploring ideas of movement in music, expressed here through the constant flow and undertow of waves of texture. Omen was inspired by van Gogh's late painting "Wheat Field with Crows", with its ominous, hallucinatory quality and extreme contrasts reflected in the texturally and timbrally varied score, full of ingenious, constantly evolving orchestration, evoking color, light and restless motion.


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