LUIGI MARCHESI (1756-1829): 6 Ariette, Op. 1, 6 Ariettes, Op. 2, ANNE-MARIE KRUMPHOLTZ (1766-1813): A New Introduction and a Piemontois Air With Variations for Harp, Minuetto JAMES CERVETTO (1748-1837): Duet for 2 Cellos, Op. 5/1, KATERINA VERONIKA ANNA DUSÍKOVÁ CIANCHETTINI (1769-1833): Piano Sonata.

Catalogue Number: 05X025

Label: Glossa

Reference: GCD 923531

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The celebrated soprano castrato Luigi Marchesi was also a composer of chamber vocal music. His Ariette are sweet musical cameos dominated by remarkable elegance. They perfectly embody the taste of the time and represent Marchesi’s wish to use his popularity as an opera singer to push in front of the audience a more all-round image of himself as an artist. Italian-English texts. Francesca Cassinari (soprano), Stile Galante; Stefano Aresi.


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