BENT SØRENSEN (b.1958): Rosenbad - Papillons for Piano and String Quartet, Pantomime - Papillons for Piano and Ensemble), Fantasia Appassionata for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 05T075

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226135

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Papillons is a trilogy of works "telling the same totally different story" as the composer puts it. Sørensen's works often share a shadowy, dreamlike, rather dark mood, and this is certainly the case with these pieces, in which the 'story' seems to be one in which nostalgia and regret plays a major part. All three pieces are based on the same piano part, but with the seven movements rearranged and accompanied by different ensembles playing different material (Mignon, with string orchestra, is on 02S088 from February last year). If that work resembled a ghostly and disjointed reminiscence of a Romantic piano concerto, Rosenbad, with quartet, is perhaps the relatively calm center of the triptych, with the strings generally more supportive of, less antagonistic to, the predominantly tonal solo part. Pantomime tells a more complex tale, with fragile liaisons forged between piano and various instrumental groups, which invariably fall apart, lending the work an air of loneliness and sadness. The effect of the three works is that of hearing the same heartbreaking tale of love and loss from the perspective of three different characters in the drama. The Fantasia, written for a concert that contained Beethoven's Appassionata and Brahms' Seven Fantasies Op.116, is full of structural, thematic and stylistic references to both, while retaining the sense of fluid, imprecise memory that leads to concrete but ambiguous images that characterises much of Sørensen's work. Katrine Gislinge (piano), Stenhammar Quartet, Esbjerg Ensemble.


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