KRZYSZTOF OLCZAK (b.1956): Flute Concerto, ANDRZEJ DZIADEK (b.1957): Pomerania, SŁAWOMIR ZAMUSZKO (b.1973): Sinfonietta, TADEUSZ DIXA (b.1983): Ballada for Violin and Chamber Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 05T074

Label: Dux

Reference: 1429

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These works are united by their geographical origin and accessibility, all referring in one way or another to traditional forms and tonality, but otherwise cover a wide range of expression. If Dziadek's Pomerania is really just 'about' the seascape of the region, as the composer suggests, then this ominous, foreboding interplay of lowering skies and treacherous slow, deep currents has to be among the darkest musical depictions of the sea ever. It seems not unlikely that the troubled history of the region, during and after WWII may play a part in the work's atmosphere of unsettled brooding, though the circular flowing gestures of the music certainly have something in common with patterns in deep waters. Dixa's Ballade alternates passages in sombre, elegiac mode with pungent, sardonic scherzo material reminiscent of Weill. The miniature concerto ends with a solo cadenza and a brittle orchestral fugato. Zamuszko's Sinfonietta is to a symphony what Dixa's piece is to a concerto; all the elements are there, but abbreviated in scale. There are dynamic, rhythmic sections to open and close, an hypnotic 'slow movement' which transforms into an obsessively pulsating scherzo-march, and a recurring motif to bind the work together. In some respects, the Olczak resembles a neo-romantic (with some post-minimalist propulsion) Flute Concerto in four movements plus cadenza - but the soloist is required to use three members of the flute family and multiple extended techniques, and there are many unusual aspects to the orchestration, including prominent parts for wood blocks, tam-tam and a twitchy hi-hat cymbal, making this both the most traditional and most modern work here. Karolina Piatkowska-Nowicka (violin), Łukasz Długosz (flute), Sinfonietta Pomerania; Tadeusz Dixa.


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