Solo Violin from Around the World

SHIRISH KORDE (b.1945): Vák for Violin and Electronic Drone, REZA VALI (b.1952): Calligraphy No. 5, BRIGHT SHENG (b.1955): The Stream Flows: II, MARK O’CONNOR (b.1961): The Cricket Dance, JEROD IMPICHCHAACHAAHA’ TATE (b.1968): Oshta (Four), DAVE FLYNN (b.1977): Tar Éis an Caoineadh’ and more familiar pieces by Enescu, Paganini, Kreisler, Bach and Piazzolla.

Catalogue Number: 05T067

Label: Sono Luminus

Reference: DSL-92221

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: This is a stimulating and extremely varied recital of brief, enjoyable and accessible pieces from composers from a wide range of national and ethnic backgrounds. The music was chosen (in two cases, Korde and Tate, commissioned) for the strongest possible national identity. The Enescu pieces, unknown until quite recently, are effectively studies for the kind of violin writing found in his great 3rd Sonata. Vali's evocation of Persian music, and Tate's interpretation of Native American hymns assimilated from missionaries, involve playing techniques and scales and pitch inflections that are the furthest from the Western tradition, represented here by two staples of the standard repertoire and a showy Viennese bon-bon by Kreisler. Muresanu's notes contain the extraordinary statement that "my research didn’t turn up any pieces inspired by Indian music"; perhaps she means notated in Western style, as the violin has been a staple of South Indian Carnatic music for a very long time. This is not to denigrate Korde's piece, which offers a kind of miniature summary of the development of a North Indian rāg. Piazzolla and Sheng do what they do, and the folk traditions of Ireland and the Appalachians (contrasted by Ronald Stevenson with the classical idiom by the difference between an Oxford Don looking out of the window on a winter's day and saying "Ew, Snew" and a Scots crofter exclaiming "Och! Snorr!") are represented by Flynn and O'Connor. Irina Muresanu (violin).


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