Polish Music for 2 Pianos

WŁADYSŁAWA MARKIEWICZÓWNA (1900-1982): Suite, ROMAN MACIEJEWSKI (1910-1998): Lullaby, MICHAŁ SPISAK (1914-1965): Concerto, WITOLD LUTOSŁAWSKI (1913-1994): Miniature, HENRYK MIKOŁAJ GÓRECKI (1933-2010): Toccata, Op. 2, ROMUALD TWARDOWSKI (b.1930): Improvvisazione e Toccata, JERZY BAUER (b.1936): Divertimento.

Catalogue Number: 05T059

Label: Dux

Reference: 1422

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Common to all of these 20th and 21st century pieces (all but the Twardowski and Bauer date from 1936 to 1955) is a neo-classicism dominated by rhythm and a fascination with the piano as a percussion instrument which, along with suggestions of folk music, recall the music of Bartók and Stravinsky. Twardowski (1974) and Bauer (2009) are no exceptions and everything is tonal and approachable. Ravel Piano Duo.


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