NORMAN PETERKIN (1886-1982): My Fidil is Singing, The Song of Fionula, 5 Poems from the Japanese, All Suddenly The Wind Comes Soft, Pierrette in Memory, O Men from the Fields, The Garden of Bamboos, Advice to Girls, Never More, Sailor, Little Red Hen - Irish Folk Tale, A Little Wind Came Blowing, Sleep, White Love, The Chaste Wife’s Reply, Hours of Idleness, I Wish and I Wish, The Song of the Secret, The Fiddler, If I Be Living in Éirinn, Dubbuldideery, Song of the Water Maiden, So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving, I Heard A Piper Piping, Rune of the Burden of the Tide, The Bees’ Song, The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls, Beata Solitudo.

Catalogue Number: 05S045

Label: Lyrita

Reference: SRCD362

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Peterkin's biography fascinatingly encapsulates a portrait of British musical life in the first part of the 20th Century. His main claim to fame nowadays, and the reason most of us probably thought 'Why does that name seem familiar?' on first acquaintance, was his tenure at Oxford University Press, where he was acquainted with many luminaries of the British music scene. During this time he became friends with Sorabji, was instrumental in OUP becoming the selling agent of his published works (including Opus clavicembalisticum and the First Organ Symphony), and was the dedicatee of several of Sorabji's major compositions. But Peterkin had also lived in the far East, was a considerable pianist in demand as an accompanist in particular, and composed more or less regularly from the early years of the century until the late 1960s. His style was a synthesis of the many composers with whose music he came into contact in one context or another, from his British contemporaries to German Lieder, French impressionism, the Grieg - Delius approach to harmony, the Orientalism of his own experience and the particular influence of Cyril Scott, leading to a fondness for 'exotic' harmonies and chromaticism. His broad literary tastes resulted in a large and varied output of songs, all exquisitely crafted little jewels, gratefully written for voice and piano. While pushing no boundaries, these beautiful songs have a subtle originality and offer much to enjoy. Texts included. Charlotte de Rothschild (soprano), Adrian Farmer (piano).


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