JEAN-BAPTISTE BARRIÈRE (1707-1747): Sonates et Pièces pour le Clavecin (Libro 6), BERNARD DE BURY (1720-1785): Premiere Livre de Pièces de Clavecin.

Catalogue Number: 05S018

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95428

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Italian influence can be traced in the bold and often unprepared dissonances which lend Barrière’s sonatas both charm and unpredictable drama; the elaborate ornamentation, too, derives at least as much from the florid violin writing of Corelli and Geminiani as from the French harpsichord tradition. De Bury’s four suites in the style of Rameau and Couperin describe with wit and tender affection characters from ancient mythology and the composer's own time, with melodies almost buried beneath cascades of exquisite decoration. 2 CDs. Luca Quintavalle (harpsichord).


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