Redes - The classic 1935 Mexican film with a newly recorded soundtrack of the score by SILVESTRE REVUELTAS (1913-1992) (World Premiere Recording of the full Revueltas score).

Catalogue Number: 05R081

Label: Naxos

Reference: 2.110372

Format: DVD

Price: $18.98

Description: A landmark in Mexican cinema, beautifully shot by an American who was really a still photographer, co-directed by Fred Zinnemann before he went to Hollywood, and heavily influenced by the revolutionary Russian film-maker Sergei Eisenstein, this story of poor fishermen banding together to attain higher wages is most famous for Revueltas’ score, newly edited and recorded complete here for the first time. The film is 60 minutes long and the extras are: “Introducing Silvestre Revueltas” (19:32), “Revueltas and Film” (15:39), “Revueltas and Politics” (9:46) and “Revueltas Beyond Cliché” (10:12). The film was also restored for this release. Post Classical Ensemble; Angel Gil-Ordóñez. 4:3 format (film), 16:9 extras, PCM Stereo, NTSC all regions. 174 min.


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