JOSEPH LANNER (1801-1843): Tarantel-Galopp, Op. 125, Hexentanz Waltz, Op. 203, Elisens und Katinkens Vereinigung, Hofball-Tänze, Op. 161, Huldigungsmarsch, Anh. 54, Neujahrs-Galopp, Op. 61b, Mitternachts Waltz, Op. 8, Hans-Jörgel-Polka, Op. 194, Steyrische Tänze, Op. 165, Die Schönbrunner, Op. 200.

Catalogue Number: 05R079

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573552

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: A rare full disc devoted to the least-known of the Vienna waltz kings and the one credited with elevating a peasant dance to a refined art form. Three of these dances have more than a dozen recordings; many of the rest have two, one or zero, so check your shelves, Viennese dance music aficionados! Orchestre de Cannes; Wolfgang Dörner.


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